. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

May 29, 2010


Yesterday, my daughter surprised me with
these flowers, which are just so colorful!
With Friday's Flowers, hosted by
so close, I had two reasons to photograph
these beauties ~ one ~ the beauty of the gift and
reason number two being the fun of
photo editing their abundant color!
Photo editing produces some surprising
and artistic images.
One image of intense floral color.
Texturized by overlays.
Hue and saturation tweaked to produce a
vintage effect.
Friendship ~ a group of likeminded gals
gathering to create for a common cause.
Cindy Mayfield (above left) is the cofounder of
and she is carrying on the tradition of this
art event for the first time this year without
her dear friend, Tina Wright, who we lost
just a few months back, and miss terribly.
These two ladies created a wonderful Texas style
retreat, which will carry on this June,
as Tina would have it.
Also photographed above are Jennifer and her mother.
Photo below shows Sandra and our hostess, Ann-Denise.
Ann-Denise offered to host an evening of
creating name badges at her lovely home.
This dear can really throw a party!
Every detail was beautiful!
Fancy beverages.
Chicken salad croissant sandwiches.
Summery salads.
And desserts aplenty!
Even personalized party favors with Ann-Denise's
signature touches of  finesse.
A gathering of ladies by a wonderful
hostess and a fabulous cofounder of a retreat that will
surely inspire many to revel in the sharing of the
~ dream of  two lovely ladies ~

Please visit the
class and registration information.