. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

June 6, 2010

Giddy and Giddyup!

Summer is practically here and
 fun's abrewin'!
Treasures are blingin'!
I am distracted, and I start thinkin'...
...about tweakin' photos.
What would this one look like "denimized"?

And then I focus again...
  Friends are dependin' on me to
come to class prepared to teach.
Some are comin' from far away to the
great ole State of Texas...
to create and share at Paper Cowgirl art retreat.
Which gets me thinkin' again.
Stop "denimizing" photos.
Stop wonderin' what Cowgirls long ago
would have thought about an
altered art retreat.
Stop dreamin' of the past.
Get back to the present.
Paper Cowgirl is only 3 weeks away!
So, blog friends, I am taking a little break to
lasso up more treasures and create new ones.
Don't think I 've forgotten blogland, for
I'll check in with y'all's blogs, and...
though I might not comment, please know
that I care and will still post here and there
to share the latest and greatest,
 and then, later, catch up again!
Y'all stay cool,
check in, and
have a wonderful week!