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May 21, 2010

~ Show What You Create Blog Party and Friday's Flowers Too! ~

Today, I join Andrea, of
Vintage Bella Studio
for her
 "Show What You Create Blog Party",
and  Alisa, of
Life is a Beautiful Place to Be
"Friday's Flowers".
This bracelet was the catalyst to teaching jewelry classes
at a local store ~ my challenge was to create a
bracelet from their pattern.

I truly enjoy the smiles of students who have
learned a new skill.
Before jewelry, I dabbled in a multitude of
different crafty media.  Crochet pansies
satisfied my urge to learn crochet.
Each of these pansy images sits upon another
artistic endeavor ~ quilting.  Not full
sized quilts, though.  Just small pillow covers
and doll coverlets, etc.
The fabrics used on this lined pillow cover were
designed by Susan Branch, and include various
floral images and tiny bees.
I also created clothing items for my girls.
The dress below is itty bitty,
all white, and very simple, yet full skirted.
I also created a dress with little
 hand sewn pearl details on lace trim.
I also tried embroidery. 
Mr. Bunny was one of my
first embroidery subjects.
This freshwater pearl and sterling silver necklace
was created for my youngest one this week.
A soldered "Faith" charm is for my eldest.
~ * ~
This fabulous St. Joseph lily was planted in my
parents' garden by a lovely friend,
whose faith and sharing are
appreciated and everlasting.
(Thank you Roswita!)

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Thank you to both of these dear hostesses!

And thank you, dear readers, for indulging my
sharing of scenes from my creative adventures.

Have a lovely weekend!