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December 31, 2009


Be Merry!
Or better yet ~ be your best you.
For 2010, that should do!

Wishing all of you
 a VeRy MErRy
nEw YeAr!
Thank you for
sharing your time!

December 21, 2009

~Mermaids in Winter?~

Here is a little holiday update from
Cottage Panache Antiques and Gifts,
in Richland Hills, Texas.

The shop will be open
Christmas Eve from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.
for last minute shoppers.
Christmas theme merchandise from Market is discounted!
All regular priced merchandise is also on sale.
Check out the Cottage Panache website for details.

Maureen has plenty of vintage goods available!

Beautiful burlap pillows, by Judy, would make a lovely gift!.

As would my very own handcrafted,
soldered charms and other
one of a kind jewelry. Wink!

Even mermaids in winter!

Thank you for shopping Cottage Panache!
Have a very merry Christmas.

Select images by Maureen, Cottage Panache.

December 16, 2009

~ Over the Filigree Moon ~

A couple of cold weeks ago,
 good friend Cindy and I took off on an adventure.

Destination ~ Canton, Texas
Outdoor Flea Market
Temperature ~ barely in the 40s.

We spent several hours
 dodging crowds and sipping hot cocoa.

Among treasures I was seeking ~
small, realistic bear figurines.
However, plenty of buffalo.  No bears.

After tiring of the cold weather,
we decided to venture to an indoor
 Canton favorite spot
 a delightful shop.
Perhaps her shop would have bears.

Oh....beautiful displays and treasures to behold!
From home decor, to seasonal specialities,
even BEARS!! 
I purchased two polar bear stocking holders
and various ornaments, and
after adding these to my flea finds total,
I had to bid this larger polar bear farewell.

Until today!
  I entered LaurieAnna's blog giveaway
 and I won this large polar bear!

Such a generous spirit is LaurieAnna that
you, too, must skate right over and
enter her contest, which is still running.

And most certainly visit her shop.
  It is a Canton must see!!
If you can't make it to Canton,
 she has online shopping as well.

Thank you LaurieAnna.  I will photograph  my polar pal
as soon as he arrives and joins his bear den.

Best wishes to all!!

Select images courtesy of Karen ~ The Graphics Fairy,

December 14, 2009

~ Ornaments ~ Vintage Style ~

Just thought I'd share a few of my favorite
 ornaments and images of the season.

Vintage style pastel heart ornaments and
vintage silver sugar server.

These sweet ones really know no particular
 season and transition nicely to Valentine's day.

Closer views show detail and the
 wreath handle that adorns the sugar lid.

Pinecones in non-traditional hues.

Nature's beauty reflected in glass form.

Hope your week reflects the
wonders of the season!

December 11, 2009


Welcome back!

Two recent field trips to Lone Star Antique Mall
 with friends,  Joanna and Cindy, were
fun-filled days of inspiration and shopping.

Lone Star dealers have such talent for
finding the best goods
 and for artful display.

Rich with color and texture.

A warm and cozy environment to spend the day.

And a delightful tearoom for dining!
Definitely worth a visit!

Now, on to announcing the winner of my little giveaway ~

 Congratulations, Esther!!  
Please send me an email and
 I will mail your charm right away.

Many thanks to
 each and every one 
who entered my giveaway contest.
  I am grateful for
your interest in my little spot in blogland,
your friendship, and support. 
May we all continue to inspire! 

December 5, 2009

Charming Giveaway!

'Tis the season for a little giveaway
from Filigree Moon!

This reversible soldered charm is destined to adorn you
or your home this season if you are the winner!

If you leave a comment at the end of this post,
your name will be entered in the drawing.

  If you are already a follower or
 become a new follower of this blog,
 your name will be entered twice.
  I will draw one name late in the evening on
Thursday,  December 10,
  so that the
charm will arrive in time for holiday display.


Best wishes and many thanks for your interest in my first little giveaway!

December 3, 2009

~ Santa, Birds 'n Cats, Oh my!! ~

More charming (verb) being created here lately.
Vintage image Santa soldered charms.
Just listed in Etsy shop.

Lavender Santa.

Reverse ~ purple Santa.

Multicolor birds.

Reverse ~ cats 'n holly.

Traditional Santa.

Reverse ~ Santa 'n holly halo.

Sweet, cherubic Santa.

Reverse ~ Santa 'n tree.

Santa in wintry green  frock.

Reverse ~ Santa in red cape.

These pendants/ornaments are
bejeweled with additional
 pearls 'n beads for an
extra special touch.

~ Bling 'n a wink! ~
For a charming holiday season!

November 28, 2009

~Just Charming~

Charming ~
  the art of creating charms for Etsy and for Cottage Panache.
These seasonal charms are created with a rustic look.
"Imperfections" impart a timeworn, vintage appeal.

Colorful birds perch upon a snowladen branch.

Dapper Santa with freshly harvested tree.

Santa, just before Christmas, readies for the
 magical sleigh ride.

Santa motors about the North Pole,
gathering toys
for good girls and boys.

Santa travels by starlight
through the sky of Christmas Eve night.

These charms can be worn
~ or used to adorn ~
tree, wreath, cabinet or drawer;
 gift, lampshade, mirror or door.

Crafted of sterling silver content solder
 over flat or beveled glass tiles.
Sure to bring happiness,
 sure to bring smiles.

~ And oh, so fun to create! ~

November 21, 2009

Fairies in the Pumpkin Patch

After a brisk walk through newly fallen leaves,
past the rough hewn gate, lies a field of glorious gourds.
  Trekking through the pumpkin patch,
 looking for just the right pumpkin for Thanksgiving day, resulted in a
 magical encounter.
The search for the perfect pumpkin was not a daunting task at all,
as ripened, pearly white pumpkins glistened in the last light of the setting sun.

  At first, a copper sparkle caught my attention.
Perhaps this is the one.
  As I walked closer, a flutter, ever so subtle,
beckoned me to look for a butterfly.
  Upon closer inspection, a dreamy glow revealed  a
winged creature not at all reminiscent of a butterfly, not even the wings.
  No ~ these wings were golden yellow,
curiously shaped like the Fall leaves that had
scattered the earthen floor just days before.
Only these leaves fluttered mightily, propelling a curious little...
 ~ could it be ~

A closer look revealed a
most dainty, beautiful fairy, dressed in the
 colors of the autumnal season.

Closer, just a bit closer.

Wee little fairy eyes looked my direction, a bit surprised perhaps,
as the fairy began to flit away.

I stepped back.

As she swirled around me
the tiny fairy came ever so close,
winked and flew away.

Perplexed, I marveled at the vast array of pumpkins,
and the liliputian creature,
 when a delightful golden shine
garnered a glance.

Moving closer, I spied a tiny
gold-dusted tutu and golden ballerina shoes.

Closer, closer.  Now clearer.

A second leaf-winged fairy!

Her wings were emblazened in a glorious coppery hue.

Alas, beauty, presented before my eyes,
as never before seen,
in the blink of an eye,
disappeared  with
 the settled sun.

By moonlight, with a pumpkin of pure perfection,
 I began my journey back to the farmhouse,
guided by the dreamlike vision of Fall fairies
and the gift that is the beauty of nature.

May your Thanksgiving be enlightened and blessed.