. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

May 7, 2010

~ Seeing Friday's Flowers ~

After receiving a mixed bouquet of flowers today,
I proceeded to snip, arrange and photograph them.
In so doing, I was amazed at the many angles
of light and shadow that came into play.
As I manipulated the images in Paint Shop,
I pondered the possible interpretations of 
perception by the observer.
I believe we all see things differently.
Even the same thing.
For some, there is the absence of eyesight.
For others ~ the absence of color.
Some see color, with
perception dictated by visual acuity.
Interpretation influenced by mood.
By illness.
Through tears.
Through a sea of confusion.
For some, beauty and vision of nature is
explored by sense of touch, smell, hearing, taste,
 in addition to...or in lieu of... eyesight.

Wishing you all the wondrous and
beautiful views that nature provides.

Happy Mother's Day!

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