. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

September 2, 2011

~ Summertime ~

This summer has been extraordinarily hot and oppressive.
Much time spent indoors, practicing digital artistry.

There have been many distractions.

Take this pup, for instance.

Really, very sweet.
Always happy.

And smiling.  Such a great buddy.
Special thanks to Auntie Christina for the beautiful
photos of our Penny!  ;-).

Oddly enough, even with the scorching heat,
beauty prevails.  These photos were taken a couple
of weeks ago.  The temps were in excess
of 100 degrees,  yet crepe myrtles,
periwinkles, and even wisteria vine
 presented with abundant blooms.

With Mom's continuing downward spiral with
Alzheimer's, it is at times difficult to focus on the beauty
that each day has to offer.

These unseasonable blooms...
rich, momentous views of thriving beauty,
quietly provide pleasantry.

A reminder to look above, see the beauty,
and appreciate perseverance in
even the most daunting circumstances.

With every visit with Mom,
her beauty shines forth,
and her fleeting smiles
feed the soul.

May you find peace in the beauty that is to behold.