. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

February 22, 2011

~ FLy mE To ThE MoOn ~

Fly me to the Moon.

And let me create to my content.
Let me wear a hat.
Or maybe something else like that...

Using collage sheets from
I was challenged to create
with a steampunk style.
It was fun to find an artsy moment.

My caretaking responsibilities have grown
as my mother moves further into
late stage Alzheimer's.

The profound sadness of slowly losing our
angelic matriarch is overwhelming,
and yet we continue to
share blissful moments
of sweetness mixed with many
happy memories of times past.

I have struggled with reawakening my
creative muse as well as whether or not
to reopen my Etsy shoppe.

I have decided to give both a slow go
as I continue to primarily
 focus on my own family
and my parents' needs.

I am working in bits of creative time
and still enjoy reading your blogs as
well as exploring new artistic avenues.

Pat Winters has published a
new magazine,
which is gorgeous and filled
with beautiful handiwork,
tutorials, shopping opportunities,
free images and much more!

A fabulous read indeed!

You can preview and order it here.

Check it out and refresh your creative muse!

Have a great week!