. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

May 18, 2010


In between the "dailies",
you know,
the things that have to be done,
I try to find time for creating jewels, especially with
altered art retreat getting closer!
Some of these images depict works in progress,
such as the Czech glass links above.
This aquamarine necklace includes a vintage buckle
and vintage rhinestone dangle.
Aquamarine in the form of
 rugged nuggets and polished ovals.
The colorways are delightful!
My light source was not ideal, so the image below
reminds me of a messy Monet painting.  Maybe.
Moonstone is also a favorite, and even with my dim
light source, the blue essence within the moonstone
is evident, and magical when paired with aquamarine.
Why so much aquamarine? 
 Ahhh, aquamarine is resplendent
with the colors of the sea.

Which leads me to the winning name drawn for the 
Mermaid's Dowry Giveaway!
is the winning name drawn
from the "namefetti" I created from all the
names of the contest entrants,
all of whom I adore,
along with all who read the
adventures of Filigree Moon,
and to whom
I offer my sincerest gratitude.

The greatest treasure of all is the friendship
and support of all the dears in blogland!