. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

September 30, 2009

Vignettes in Sepia


Continuing to work on photography skills, so photo shopping again, just more local this time (at home). I have a weakness for cherubs, especially when paired with vases, carts, etc. that allow collections to be gathered and displayed  in mini vignettes.  Above, a variety of shells in cherub vase.

This sweet one is posed in front of an apothecary jar full of vintage laces.

A vignette of favorite vintagey goods, a taffy box (thank you Dawn!), vintage photo postcards, and mixed vintage jewels.

A window sill display of starfish, vintage children's depression glass creamer and cup, and vintage salt shaker.  Since Autumn has now arrived,  a change might just be in order for this display.

I have just discovered the macro setting on my camera and will be experimenting with photographing a sampling of my own creations, up close, unblurred!


September 28, 2009

That's Impressive?

This is an example of a blurry photo.  Yeh, really, it is.  That purple "blob" is actually a bracelet of jingly glass leaves which I created last Fall and hoped to capture in photo form today.  Well, let's suffice it to say the learning curve for photography skills was particularly swirly today.

Speaking of swirls, this pumpkin is another creation, painted with multiple layers of acrylics, buffed and distressed, and then swirled with golden glitter.   Perhaps a better photo, eh?

I've got to work on the glare.  The overhead light is a bit overwhelming.
  Below,  swirly pumpkin's closeup.

'Tis Monday, now.  Perhaps photography study is in order this week.

September 26, 2009

Fabulous Fall Season

I took my camera out on a photo shopping (thanks Beth Leintz for the phrase) trip to Lone Star Antique Mall recently and we spent some time together seeing the sights!  Thought you might like to share some captured moments.  Mr. Pumpkin head was a festive greeter at one booth, which was very festively decorated for the season we call Fall.

A beautiful sconce beckoned a glance, as vintage shoes cleverly displayed, garnered a second peek.

A most unusual hat, completely festooned with plumes the hue of intense shades of Fall splendor, quickly averted the attention of the lens.

Alas, boots of finest detail, displayed before a quilt made just for the season, were the favorite lens capture of the day.

And finally, of equal interest, but less infused with color, a most enchanting gingerbread trim, peaking to the ceiling, awaiting display in the warmth of a cozy home, just in time for fabulous Fall.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the blog debut of some of my own Fall inspired creations.

September 19, 2009

Adventures in Junking

Today was a beautiful day to get out and about.  Find of the day -a $5 Atlas canning jar filled with trinkets. Once home, I was eager to discover exactly what my $5 purchase included.  Said purchase ended up consisting of the trinkets only, as the jar crashed to the floor, fortunately still within its paper bag, and broke into a gazillion tiny, almost fine as dirt pieces.  The contents remained intact, including a fun pair of vintage eyeglasses.  Go figure!  Result - a variety of  goodies with which to create.

The above sheet music was another find of the day.  Not a huge adventure in the aspect of acquisition, but a day of adventures in junkin' grand enough to do the happy dance.

Hope you have a happy day!

September 15, 2009

To Vacuum, or To Blog?

This just makes me laugh.  It's actually quite a fascinating image of simpler times, created by Cathe Holden, which is also available in animated form from Cathe at Just Something I Made Quite an industrious lady is Cathe, indeed, who has been known to vacuum in her Sunday best, as documented on her blog.  You'll see.  Many tutorials and freebies of high quality await you on her generous blog.  In my effort to set up my own blog, I came across her blog, which is just a wealth of inspiration and education.  So, take a rest from vacuuming, which has been found to cause calloused hands anyway, and visit her sublime site.  Plan to spend a while ~  in fact...take the day off and relish in the delights of blogland!  REALLY?  Really.

September 13, 2009

The Power of Friendship

So special is blogland that cowgirls can so quickly unite for peace and healing for a fellow wrangler, Tina, a kind and generous founder of Paper Cowgirl, in Texas.   Blessings, friend.

September 12, 2009

Kindness In Blogland

Good evening.  I think it appropriate to share the kindness blogland has to offer.  Karen, at The Graphics Fairy, is one such fairy in blogland.  Her website is grand and generous.  Being a newbie to the world of BLOG, I have found it easy to set up shop based on the generosity of Karen's freebies (tools, gadgets, tutorials and images).  Many of you may already know of  her fabulous site already, I just thought I'd pass the information to others who are considering updating or starting a blog.   The images she offers are beautiful and she evens goes the extra mile to edit and offer alternate versions with/without text.  Thanks, Karen! ~ Angela

September 9, 2009

Gee, That was Simple!

Happy Wednesday!  Thought I would share my first photo taken and downloaded and retouched, which proves that hey, I CAN do that!  Just had to try.  This photo shows a collection of ceramic spheres I've had for quite a while.  I admire the graphic quality of the swirls.  Anything swirly or fluerishy or Filigree! is top notch in my artsy world. Always seeking the swirly in my view finder.  I hope you have a swirly Thursday, and come back soon ~ Angela

September 7, 2009

Good day!  I hope you all had a pleasant holiday.  Thought I would post an old ATC that I had on file since I am still trying to learn my camera and downloading, etc.  I still do the occassional ATC but really just hop around from one artistic medium to the next, as I am sure many of you do.   Keep on creating, and have a great week!- Angela

September 5, 2009


Thank you for visiting my section of blogland.  I hope to inspire with each and every post.  I dabble in many realms of the artistic world and will work on developing some photography skills to illustrate my artistic adventures!  Please, visit and be inspired!