. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

March 4, 2010

~ Studio Inspiration ~

 Morning light
is shining brightly this morning in my studio.
Seldom do I create by the light of day.
Rather, it is by
 that my stolen moments
to create are most abundant.
ATC ~ Title: "Party Cloudy, Chance of Rabbits"

And it is evening when my
 creative muse is most present.
Visions of castles, crowns, and cake
beckon me - stay awake.
Shelves present tools at the ready.
Shelves also cradle my creations.
And ingredients.
Fairy sightings.
Canvas collections.
But alas,
the tidiness disappears.
And creative chaos ensues.
Actually, this is my best creative environment.
Even my faux floral collection in enamel bucket
 inspires with realistic form.
An angel, atop my New Mexico style vignette,
is a gift from my mother, years ago, and watches over
my creative space.  Thank you, Mom.
My muse must settle for a bit
while I tend to the dailies,
you know...laundry, "shoveling the floors",
and light cleaning.
And later ~ by light of the
Filigree Moon,
 ~my creative muse will emerge ~
refreshed, and ready to