. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

March 15, 2010

~Colors of Spring~

 resplendent with renewing gifts of nature.

Kaleidoscope distortion of Mother of Pearl crosses and peace symbols.
As I am inspired by color,
 Springtime provides a multitude of  
palettes for creative catalysts.

Recently, I attended a local
Spring bead market and selected
beads which were appealing for
 seasonal creations.
Shades of
green and turquoise malachite,
coupled with cut crystal hearts.
Jade in saturated candy hues.
Glass in royal purple,
crystal with aurora borealis coat.
Mother of pearl crosses and peace signs.
Symbolic of the approaching
Easter season.
Symbolic of Promise and Peace.
Shades of Springtime.
Season of Renewal.
Season of Hope.
Season of gratitude and sharing 
Gifts so unselfishly
bestowed upon us.
Kaleidoscope distortion of Mother of Pearl croses and hearts.

May your week be sunny,
 bright and
resplendent with color!