. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

February 21, 2010

~ Turnips, Grapes 'n Courthouse Lace ~

After last week's uncharacteristic
snowfall in North Texas, my parents and I took a
day trip to Weatherford for lunch and to
shop the Farmer's Market. 
Rich color was in abundance everywhere,
 from the clear blue sky to the
fruits and vegetables on display.
First photo ~ turnips and green grapes.
Please pardon the kaleidoscope view.
Just having a Paint Shop Pro heyday!
Stained glass?   Nah...more turnips and grapes.
Next up, chili peppers.
Spicy red.
You reckon this could be red onions in a basket?
How 'bout taters in a basket.
Right.  New potatoes and Idaho potatoes.
How about a punch of color!
Glorious oranges!
In addition to produce, this
Farmer's Market also carries an
array of
local art and imported ironwork.

As well as a variety of baskets.
Fun colors.
Ooooh, and a bit of Parisienne influence...
Fleur de lis.
A trip to Weatherford is always special, as its
courthouse is an architectural wonder to behold.
This image became the most beautiful
lace when tweaked in Paint Shop.
Can you believe that sky?
And now it is sepia-toned courthouse lace.
This vignette of local art
truly makes you aware that you are in
So, if you are in the area, saddle up and giddy-up
like a whirlin' dirvish and head to
Weatherford  for a colorful day.
Y'all have a great week!