. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

March 20, 2010

~ Front Yard Winter ~ Back Yard Spring ~

Today is the first day of Spring, yet
Texas is not ready to surrender Winter's chill.
View from the front yard boasts
Winter clouds,  almost imperceptible snowflakes.
Back yard bears the wonders of Spring with
Redbud trees in full violet bloom,
clover sprinkling the emerging lawn, budding trees,
sun rays freely dancing about.
As the sun hides behind the gathering clouds, the
bleakness of Winter lingers, with a
sullen mood, tweaked only by the persistent 
colorful emergence of Springtime beauty.

 These photos were taken within a two minute time frame.

**edited ~ next day, dusting of snow** 
**edit complete**
Spring Reigns!

As I post, the sun has set and the
snowflakes have increased in number.
Tomorrow, Springtime will reveal its glory,
as Texas Winter fades to a memory.