. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

February 17, 2010

~ Bears 'n Snow ~

Last week's big snowstorm in Texas was
absolutely picturesque for several hours. 
Almost unbelievable.
A MaGiCaL pLaYgRoUnD for our
wee furry pals,
Bear and Lily.
Bear is the smaller of the two sisters.
So named because she really
thinks she is a big ol' bear.
She resembles those in my collection.
And speaking of big ol' bears, this polar bear came
to reside here as a result of LaurieAnna's Winter giveaway.
I thought I should share this photo before
blogging focuses on Springtime.
The waning Winter season hints of Spring,
when bears come out of hibernation and
experience the joys of  newly budding nature!
Relish the gifts of warmth and shelter.
Share the blessings and love.