. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

September 30, 2009

Vignettes in Sepia


Continuing to work on photography skills, so photo shopping again, just more local this time (at home). I have a weakness for cherubs, especially when paired with vases, carts, etc. that allow collections to be gathered and displayed  in mini vignettes.  Above, a variety of shells in cherub vase.

This sweet one is posed in front of an apothecary jar full of vintage laces.

A vignette of favorite vintagey goods, a taffy box (thank you Dawn!), vintage photo postcards, and mixed vintage jewels.

A window sill display of starfish, vintage children's depression glass creamer and cup, and vintage salt shaker.  Since Autumn has now arrived,  a change might just be in order for this display.

I have just discovered the macro setting on my camera and will be experimenting with photographing a sampling of my own creations, up close, unblurred!