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September 15, 2009

To Vacuum, or To Blog?

This just makes me laugh.  It's actually quite a fascinating image of simpler times, created by Cathe Holden, which is also available in animated form from Cathe at Just Something I Made Quite an industrious lady is Cathe, indeed, who has been known to vacuum in her Sunday best, as documented on her blog.  You'll see.  Many tutorials and freebies of high quality await you on her generous blog.  In my effort to set up my own blog, I came across her blog, which is just a wealth of inspiration and education.  So, take a rest from vacuuming, which has been found to cause calloused hands anyway, and visit her sublime site.  Plan to spend a while ~  in fact...take the day off and relish in the delights of blogland!  REALLY?  Really.