. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

September 26, 2009

Fabulous Fall Season

I took my camera out on a photo shopping (thanks Beth Leintz for the phrase) trip to Lone Star Antique Mall recently and we spent some time together seeing the sights!  Thought you might like to share some captured moments.  Mr. Pumpkin head was a festive greeter at one booth, which was very festively decorated for the season we call Fall.

A beautiful sconce beckoned a glance, as vintage shoes cleverly displayed, garnered a second peek.

A most unusual hat, completely festooned with plumes the hue of intense shades of Fall splendor, quickly averted the attention of the lens.

Alas, boots of finest detail, displayed before a quilt made just for the season, were the favorite lens capture of the day.

And finally, of equal interest, but less infused with color, a most enchanting gingerbread trim, peaking to the ceiling, awaiting display in the warmth of a cozy home, just in time for fabulous Fall.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the blog debut of some of my own Fall inspired creations.