. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

November 28, 2009

~Just Charming~

Charming ~
  the art of creating charms for Etsy and for Cottage Panache.
These seasonal charms are created with a rustic look.
"Imperfections" impart a timeworn, vintage appeal.

Colorful birds perch upon a snowladen branch.

Dapper Santa with freshly harvested tree.

Santa, just before Christmas, readies for the
 magical sleigh ride.

Santa motors about the North Pole,
gathering toys
for good girls and boys.

Santa travels by starlight
through the sky of Christmas Eve night.

These charms can be worn
~ or used to adorn ~
tree, wreath, cabinet or drawer;
 gift, lampshade, mirror or door.

Crafted of sterling silver content solder
 over flat or beveled glass tiles.
Sure to bring happiness,
 sure to bring smiles.

~ And oh, so fun to create! ~