. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

August 1, 2010

~ Summertime ~ Romantic ~

Back in the days of old,
Summer time seemed to have been a more formal,
genteel season.  A season to while away the hours...
 Picnic by the lake.
Wandering through gardens of splendor.
Capturing the beauty of nature in painting.
A young lady, but eleven years of age,
painted a sweet bouquet of violets
with sophistication.
Beauty applied to rugged wood,
 shaped to reveal a graceful form.
Yet still maintaining evidence of its primitive soul.
Wood artistry presents in a hobby
known as pyrography ~ burning
eloquent images onto
useful objects.
Fashion of the day captured in graceful artistry.
Winsome work of art.
Cradles objects of affection.
Practical beauty ~ juxtaposed with  ornate
beveled glass and filigree frivolity.
Destined to harbor treasures of  formality.
Cherubic detail.
Raised, baroque style. 
A place for everything, everything in its place.
Simple times.  Simple pleasures.
Perfect hat and fashionable cotton gloves.
Accoutrement for protection from rays of the sun.
Gathering roses.
Tea at the veranda or patio.
A leisurely stroll.  A long country drive.
Practical.  Fashionable.
Romantic summers of bygone days.