. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

August 6, 2010

~ Flit, Fairy, Fly ~

If only we could don fairy wings and
 flit to dreamy destinations.
This past week I was able to fly away
 just for a bit with
Cindy and Lisa and my youngest
for a break from the dailies.
No fairy wings needed for this adventure.
Just good, old fashioned fun.
Shopping and dining at
The Antique Company mall,
Smitten, and Patina Green,
 in McKinney, Texas.
With artsy friends.
This book was Lisa's discovery,
though she relinquished it to me
to become its proud new owner!
In between the pages
were a couple of
four leaf clovers,
pressed to posterity by Miss Flora.
And this sweet message
from the original gift giver ~
"Presented to Miss Flora Garrison
by her mother
on Christmas 1894".

One of my finds ~ this Art Nouveau jewel box.
It is tiny.  Just about ring-sized.
Perfect for fairy treasures.
This plate, or trivet, is
hand painted in the most
beautiful colors, as are the
gilt topped shakers below.
A silvertone cherub
hovers above a cloud of lace.
And a most unusual, foofy, off-white hat,
with plumes of layered velvet "leaves",
is most enchanting.
A vintage hanger from
Disneyland Hotel hints of
joys to be found in a
land of enchantment.
An opalescent, semi-translucent, milky glass shoe.
And more magical images from the
"Mammoth Storybook Full of Pictures".
A top hatted gentleman.
A fish wishin' pup.

'Tis splendid to have a
little respite from the dailies.
Made even better with
friendship and a dab of fantasy!

And to you, sweet readers,
feel free to grab the book images I have
posted here, and use them in your art. 

Thank you, friends!