. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

January 29, 2011

~ Variety Show ~

Fancy a parasol, do you?
Maybe some pearls too.

Perhaps a bit o' sunshine?

A pansy or two?

A pixie amid posies.

A handcrafted purse by Pat.
Pat Winters, that is.

A lilliputian pitcher

A sunny, bright pansy
to gladden your day.

The orange hued crazy quilt piece
was crafted by moi
from a kit I ordered
 from Pat Winters,
who has the most
enchanting crazy quilted creations,
hand dyed silk ribbons,
crazy quilt kits and fabric images
at Etsy and ArtFire and her blog.

The purple purse was
crafted by Pat and offered as a
grand prize for a giveaway on her blog.
I am grateful and delighted to have
won this treasure of detailed
stitching, silk ribbon embroidery,
beading, and crazy quilted fabrics.
Thank you Pat!

As for the pixie and ribbon pansies
 and orange crazy quilted practice,
they are all bits of crafting
 I attempted during the
last few months,
which have been a bit challenging
with caretaking responsibilities,
and surgical recovery.
Blogging and creative ventures
have taken a back seat to
caretaking responsibilities lately,
which are gladly taken on
 and at the top of my to do list.

Though, I must add that I do enjoy
visiting you, blogfriends, and the
beautiful inspiration you all offer,
and I even aspire to comment
 here and there.
Thank you for sharing
 your creative ventures!