. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

April 29, 2010

~ Friday's Flowers ~

Pray tell....is there any color in nature
more enchanting than blue?
Bachelor Buttons,
resplendent in Cornflower Blue,
fluffy as a downy chick,
hold a special place in our cottage garden.
Regardless of proper name or color, many of
my coloring book flowers were shaded with
my treasured Cornflower Blue Crayola.
Victoria Blue Salvia, favored for its
form and beautiful blue spikes,
is a staple in our garden.
African Daisy,
sweetest pink, hint of lavender.
Cheerful Black-Eyed Susans add
wonderful contrasting color.
For more Friday's Flowers, hop over
Wishing you all a bright,
sunshiney day!

April 26, 2010

~ Inspirations and Etsy Creations ~

I've been working on creations for vendor night
at Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat, which will be in June.
This necklace consists
of various shades of kiwi jasper,
sterling silver, and magnesite.
This cameo, sitting upon a
collection of dupioni silk strands,
awaits design inspiration.
The following mermaid charms will be
listed on Etsy.
Shimmering blue mermaid
reverses to old catalogue balloon ad.
Flapper mermaid
reverses to atlas map.
Art nouveau lady
reverses to red haired mermaid.
Blue flapper mermaid
reverses to vintage atlas.
Thank you for sharing my insipiration!

April 23, 2010

~ Morning Glories and Fairy Roses ~

Heavenly Blue morning glories.
Truly, they are deserving of their name.
Their color is like no other in nature.
Editing and tweaking this photo
created a look reminiscent of
blue transferware.
And Fairy roses.
Enchanting and ethereal.
Abundant with blooms.
Sweetly posed like wee little fairies
briefly pausing to savor the
beauty and soft aroma.
Chintzlike pink in appearance,
tweaked to deep cyanotype blue.

For more floral goodness,
 flit over to
Friday's Flowers!

April 21, 2010

~ Gypsy Fish and Mermaid's Dowry ~

My best intention was to share the following photos
two months ago.  However, I did not catalogue the photos
and just happened upon them today, in an unmarked folder!
Sweet Beth, at Gypsy Fish, hosted Silver Sunday
after the holidays, and I was fortunate to win her fabulous
giveway.  The treasures came beautifully packaged in her
Gypsy Fish signature style and even included a Scrabble
tile pendant she created with my initial.  Beth is
a soldering genius and overall superbly talented gal! 
Check out her blog and website!
I thoroughly enjoyed Silver Sunday, as it afforded
me the opportunity to stretch my
photographic skills a bit, and to truly
study and appreciate fine details
I  enjoyed visiting all of the
Silver Sunday participants to see
the amazing silvery goodness they had to share.
Plus, new friendships were formed along the way!
~ * ~
I have been busily gathering goodies and
creating new jewels for
which is coming up in June.
If you haven't already signed up for classes,
check out the Paper Cowgirl website for
a roundup of details and
registration registration information.
The necklace above includes turquoise and a very vintage
buckle that has the sweetest Southwest flair!
This necklace includes magnesite, chrysocolla,
and pure copper beads and findings.
Very warm, rich colors.
Of course, my vendor space would not be
complete without a supply of soldered pendants.
Shimmering mermaids reverse to vintage map images.
More designs will be forthcoming!
I will continue to gather a mermaid's dowry of
treasures for a giveaway, coming very soon!
Please stay tuned to this FM channel.
Filigree Moon, that is.

April 12, 2010

~ Gathering Supplies ~

This past weekend I attended the
 Cattle Barn flea market
to gather supplies.
And props.
And treasures for class.
Paper Cowgirl altered art retreat is
two months away.
Gotta "git" those supplies.
Gotta create bling for vendor's night.
Get to share a few days creating art
with dozens and dozens of cowgirls!
Classes are filling up fast,
so if you want to
lasso a class or two, visit the
Paper Cowgirl site quicker than a
whirlin' dervish, and sign right up!

Check back here real soon, as
this Cowgirl's gonna have a
real rootin' tootin' giveaway!

And check the Paper Cowgirl website
for my little interview and
nonsmiley photo!

April 4, 2010

~ Beautiful Day ~

Ah, 'tis a beautiful day.
  A day of promise and renewal.
Blooms and birds.
The flower and bird images are hand painted by the
I am fortunate to own two original paintings by Cindy.
These first few images are of a hand painted bowl.
So much detail and depth of color.
The original painting below,
entitled "Tiny Painting" by Cindy,
is the sweetest bird's nest with eggs.
The flowers in the photograph below are a gift
from my eldest babe.  She knows how much
I adore fresh flowers, pruning them and
arranging them in a make do vase.
Then starring them in their own little photo session and
tweaking the images in Paint Shop Pro.
May you all spread your wings, take flight,
enjoy and share this splendid season of renewal.

Original bunny image graciously provided by
edited by Filigree Moon, with Paint Shop Pro.

Happy Easter, Friends