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January 31, 2010

~Silver Illusions of Grandeur~

"Grandeur" aptly describes the
pageantry of the Dallas Gift Market,
 especially at the Midwest showroom.
I had the pleasure of Maureen's tutelage on my
maiden voyage through Market Hall.
Below is a vignette in Wendy Addison's realm.
Displays were over-the-top, literally and figuratively.
This abundant creation cascaded from the ceiling,
showcasing fantasy adaptations inspired by nature.
Avian themes were prevalent.
Shimmering silver.
Glimmering mermaids.
Vining, Victorian style settees.
Today marks the fourth installment of
One of my own favored silver pieces is this
shell dish with highly stylized fish handle and
wonderfully detailed feet.

It is no wonder that the bountiful gifts of nature
have influenced designers throughout history ~
imaginations abound with creative renderings of the
original, unique creations that are
bestowed upon us so graciously and abundantly.
And for that, I am grateful and inspired.

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Enjoy the silver sharing!