. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

October 10, 2009

Historic Handley Fall Festival

Today was the Historic Handley Fall Festival just outside of Fort Worth, Texas.
  It was a day of cool Fall temperatures, music and  festive color everywhere.
  Lantana was in full bloom.

Sweet potato vine was abundant in shade of chartreuse.

Pumpkins in irridescent copper and swirls of cinnamon glitter adorned vendor tables.

Puppies were on parade all day long, including this rascal,
 who was ready to lose the Wizard of Oz flying monkey costume after he won first prize.

Antique cars in vibrant hues paraded through the main street.

Local shops were dapperly dressed.

Handmade charms decorated glittery trees.

Side gardens were robust with color and welcome respite.

A  MaGiCaL day indeed!