. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

March 31, 2011

~Fifi and Fiona~

Anne Lorys,
at Fiona and Twig,
 has a lovely peek of the latest issue of
 "Romantic County" magazine
and her photographic contribution therein.

Plus, a fabo giveaway!
Click the image above to
join the giveaway contest for
your chance to win
a copy of "Romantic Prairie Style",
autographed by Fifi O'Neill,
in addition to the latest issue of
 "Romantic Country" magazine.

Kudos to both ladies
for such beautiful work!

March 20, 2011


It's been a while since posting.  Still trying to find the "ZaNy"
day by day.  For Mom's best interest and in order to
meet her every need, we have moved her to a
private care facility, with loving, attentive caregivers
and lovely gardens and a miniature pony.
I have had a hard time adjusting to the transition of
the mother/daughter dynamics as affected by this change.

She is still the most wonderful lady in the world without a doubt.
We still love, laugh and share sweet and zany moments.
Just on a smaller scale.  And different.
Though our love grows stronger every day.

The image above is my first attempt to delve
back into art with the usual sunny disposition,
 which has been absent here and there.
Images from Itkupilli are fabulous!
I have begun to dabble in PhotoShop a tad.
Self instruction is slow, but doable.
Testy, but fun!

Trying digital collage will be just the activity to
get back into the swing of things.
With the added bonus of no glue goo!

Have a beautiful week!