. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

January 31, 2010

~Silver Illusions of Grandeur~

"Grandeur" aptly describes the
pageantry of the Dallas Gift Market,
 especially at the Midwest showroom.
I had the pleasure of Maureen's tutelage on my
maiden voyage through Market Hall.
Below is a vignette in Wendy Addison's realm.
Displays were over-the-top, literally and figuratively.
This abundant creation cascaded from the ceiling,
showcasing fantasy adaptations inspired by nature.
Avian themes were prevalent.
Shimmering silver.
Glimmering mermaids.
Vining, Victorian style settees.
Today marks the fourth installment of
One of my own favored silver pieces is this
shell dish with highly stylized fish handle and
wonderfully detailed feet.

It is no wonder that the bountiful gifts of nature
have influenced designers throughout history ~
imaginations abound with creative renderings of the
original, unique creations that are
bestowed upon us so graciously and abundantly.
And for that, I am grateful and inspired.

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Enjoy the silver sharing!

January 23, 2010

~Silver Movers and Shakers~

It is week four of Gypsy Fish's Silver Sunday Soiree.
Below is a portion of my collection of
silverplate serving pieces,
 which includes an entree fork,  master butter knife,
 berry spoon and strawberry fork.

Details are most impressive!

Below ~ a selection of
 sterling lid crystal salt shakers and sugar pourer.
The lids generally have beautiful detail.

Often, sterling lids are misshapen from use and their
propensity for malformation due to the softness of sterling.

Closer images show the detail of the lids.
Especially enchanting ~ star shaped perforations.

Another favorite silver detail is seen on these
silverplate baby utensils
~stars on the handles along with endearing "Baby" ~.

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Have a wonderful week, Baby!

January 16, 2010

~Tarnished, Yet Still Silver~

It's week 3 of  Gypsy Fish's Silver Sunday.
I've posted a few "silvers" here as
well as some thoughts I've had that
I hope are not too "preachy".
This week has been a ponderous one.
Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the news from Haiti,
I wonder if each little bit that we all
contribute to help and healing
can bring peace to the suffering. 
Faith dictates that
 yes, indeed, every little bit can help. 

It is with that faith that we can take a step back and
 remind ourselves that even the simplest things can
often be taken for granted, when in fact they are
gifts that should not be taken lightly and
 should be shared with others.
We are all in this together.

It is faith that allows us to
step back in and refocus
 in order to see the whole picture.

To really see.
To appreciate.

To listen
To hope.

And to put forth our best effort, our best selves,
 to make certain that the ravages of destruction
do not tarnish our views completely, but
instead make us wiser and stronger,
more grateful, more compassionate and
helpful to those in need.
Everyone, especially the young, needs to know that,
 even in the shadow of despair, there is
hope and goodness.

Blessings to all who are affected by strife
 and to those who aid the weary.

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January 10, 2010

~Sweet Silver Sunday~

It's week two of the
Silver Sunday
Let's begin with a
Victorian silverplate sugar dish
loaded with silver and white heart ornaments. 

Goodies awaiting Valentine jewelry creations
include silver filigree heart charms,
sterling content soldered charms, and a
cut steel filigree shoe clip.

This past week provided time for creating
Valentine tags, some embellished with silver glitter.

Silver, highly textural paper provides the backdrop.

  a banner of silver-glittered hearts.

And finally, a crystal, sterling lidded shaker.

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Wishing you all a

January 3, 2010

~ Silver Sunday ~

Beth, at  The Gypsy Fish, is hosting
 Silver Sunday.
I've joined the list of silver sharing,
with focus this week on Victoriana.
Below is a timeworn napkin ring.
I am especially enamored with the filigree design.

Next, a sugar spoon adds
silver detail  to an
apothecary jar filled with
pearlized, pastel gifts of nature.
Swirly details amid
 pearly seashells.

Juxtaposition of ornate silver and
 delicate shells piques interest.

Another finery of the Victorian era ~
 silverplate egg cup perched upon wishbone.
 Once glistening silver,
now patinaed with the ravages of time,
 still beautiful in form and function.
A gift from a dear friend.

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The Gypsy Fish
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Best wishes to all for a
 glistening new year.