. ~ digital collage above by filigree moon ~ .

May 29, 2010


Yesterday, my daughter surprised me with
these flowers, which are just so colorful!
With Friday's Flowers, hosted by
so close, I had two reasons to photograph
these beauties ~ one ~ the beauty of the gift and
reason number two being the fun of
photo editing their abundant color!
Photo editing produces some surprising
and artistic images.
One image of intense floral color.
Texturized by overlays.
Hue and saturation tweaked to produce a
vintage effect.
Friendship ~ a group of likeminded gals
gathering to create for a common cause.
Cindy Mayfield (above left) is the cofounder of
and she is carrying on the tradition of this
art event for the first time this year without
her dear friend, Tina Wright, who we lost
just a few months back, and miss terribly.
These two ladies created a wonderful Texas style
retreat, which will carry on this June,
as Tina would have it.
Also photographed above are Jennifer and her mother.
Photo below shows Sandra and our hostess, Ann-Denise.
Ann-Denise offered to host an evening of
creating name badges at her lovely home.
This dear can really throw a party!
Every detail was beautiful!
Fancy beverages.
Chicken salad croissant sandwiches.
Summery salads.
And desserts aplenty!
Even personalized party favors with Ann-Denise's
signature touches of  finesse.
A gathering of ladies by a wonderful
hostess and a fabulous cofounder of a retreat that will
surely inspire many to revel in the sharing of the
~ dream of  two lovely ladies ~

Please visit the
class and registration information.

May 21, 2010

~ Show What You Create Blog Party and Friday's Flowers Too! ~

Today, I join Andrea, of
Vintage Bella Studio
for her
 "Show What You Create Blog Party",
and  Alisa, of
Life is a Beautiful Place to Be
"Friday's Flowers".
This bracelet was the catalyst to teaching jewelry classes
at a local store ~ my challenge was to create a
bracelet from their pattern.

I truly enjoy the smiles of students who have
learned a new skill.
Before jewelry, I dabbled in a multitude of
different crafty media.  Crochet pansies
satisfied my urge to learn crochet.
Each of these pansy images sits upon another
artistic endeavor ~ quilting.  Not full
sized quilts, though.  Just small pillow covers
and doll coverlets, etc.
The fabrics used on this lined pillow cover were
designed by Susan Branch, and include various
floral images and tiny bees.
I also created clothing items for my girls.
The dress below is itty bitty,
all white, and very simple, yet full skirted.
I also created a dress with little
 hand sewn pearl details on lace trim.
I also tried embroidery. 
Mr. Bunny was one of my
first embroidery subjects.
This freshwater pearl and sterling silver necklace
was created for my youngest one this week.
A soldered "Faith" charm is for my eldest.
~ * ~
This fabulous St. Joseph lily was planted in my
parents' garden by a lovely friend,
whose faith and sharing are
appreciated and everlasting.
(Thank you Roswita!)

For more Friday's Flowers, please visit

For more Show What You Create Party players

Thank you to both of these dear hostesses!

And thank you, dear readers, for indulging my
sharing of scenes from my creative adventures.

Have a lovely weekend!

May 18, 2010


In between the "dailies",
you know,
the things that have to be done,
I try to find time for creating jewels, especially with
altered art retreat getting closer!
Some of these images depict works in progress,
such as the Czech glass links above.
This aquamarine necklace includes a vintage buckle
and vintage rhinestone dangle.
Aquamarine in the form of
 rugged nuggets and polished ovals.
The colorways are delightful!
My light source was not ideal, so the image below
reminds me of a messy Monet painting.  Maybe.
Moonstone is also a favorite, and even with my dim
light source, the blue essence within the moonstone
is evident, and magical when paired with aquamarine.
Why so much aquamarine? 
 Ahhh, aquamarine is resplendent
with the colors of the sea.

Which leads me to the winning name drawn for the 
Mermaid's Dowry Giveaway!
is the winning name drawn
from the "namefetti" I created from all the
names of the contest entrants,
all of whom I adore,
along with all who read the
adventures of Filigree Moon,
and to whom
I offer my sincerest gratitude.

The greatest treasure of all is the friendship
and support of all the dears in blogland!

May 11, 2010

~ Giveaway Time! ~

It's time for a giveaway at Filigree Moon!
A Mermaid's Dowry, to be exact.
A clamshell basket filled with
 sea treasures and earthly treasures.
Handmade collaged single bannerette and tag.
Collection of seashells, a giant abalone button and
 mother of pearl buttons.
A handmade mermaid charm.
A rugged watch case with face.
Two watch crystals in original teal packages.
Chandelier crystal prism.
A strand of peacock blue dancing freshwater pearls,
for your own creations.
Vintage lace.  Blue real silk ribbon.

A trove of treasures for the winning entry!
Just comment below this post to be entered to win.
Many thanks to all who follow the adventures of
Filigree Moon.

Best wishes! 
Contest ends May 17 at midnight.

May 7, 2010

~ Seeing Friday's Flowers ~

After receiving a mixed bouquet of flowers today,
I proceeded to snip, arrange and photograph them.
In so doing, I was amazed at the many angles
of light and shadow that came into play.
As I manipulated the images in Paint Shop,
I pondered the possible interpretations of 
perception by the observer.
I believe we all see things differently.
Even the same thing.
For some, there is the absence of eyesight.
For others ~ the absence of color.
Some see color, with
perception dictated by visual acuity.
Interpretation influenced by mood.
By illness.
Through tears.
Through a sea of confusion.
For some, beauty and vision of nature is
explored by sense of touch, smell, hearing, taste,
 in addition to...or in lieu of... eyesight.

Wishing you all the wondrous and
beautiful views that nature provides.

Happy Mother's Day!

For more fabulous Friday's Flowers
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Please join me early next week for the
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